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Thursday, December 15, 2005

'Tis the Season...

'Tis the season to get your ankles crushed by some crazed shopper's shopping cart. Bah Hum Bug! LOL Well not really. But, I'm not too fond of the holidays. It's not because I'm a Scroogette or anything. It's just that I mean...come on? What's the purpose? Traffic is a mess, people act a fool, the crime rate goes up, and you got folks going into debt just to get Little Billy the latest toy thingy. It's a sham if you ask me.

Today, I attended my fourth and final "End of the Year Party" at work. I'm all partied out. That's more than enough socializing I wanted to do with those folks. Everyone is so phony. Surprisingly, my boss found it in her heart to thank me endlessly for all of my hard work this year. She did it in front of 200+ people. I was surprised as she hardly ever acknowledges anything. Briefly, I felt a little warm and fuzzy inside.


My thoughts on the Tookie Williams execution: I am not 100% against the death penalty. However, if there is a 1% chance that a person might be innocent, why take that chance and determine that they should be executed? Execution is too easy...life in prison seems more of an appropriate punishment.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Is Murder Ever The Answer to Murder?


Death Row vs. Execution

Schwarzenegger Denies Clemency for Williams

Capitol Punishment

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Because I've Been Tagged...

Damn...I didn't even see that JA queen had tagged me until I saw it on Asland's blog. Anyway, I might be late...but she tagged me two months ago.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:
1. Study another foreign language (I'm fluent in Spanish) I don't know what yet.
2. Move out of Jersey
3. Purchase a home.
4. Get a job I truly enjoy doing.
5. Travel to each of the 50 states.
6. Be well off and/or famous.
7.Live long enough (and then some) to enjoy all of my seven things I plan to do before I die.

7 Things I Can Do:
1. Lose a few pounds (15 to 20 lbs and I'd be a HOT Tamale).
2. Be more compromising (I can be a stubborn biotch at times)
3. Stop procrastinating (I get the job done, but I do it at the 11th hour.
4. Be more patient (I can't stand waiting, but I'm always late. LOL
5. Stop smoking (I've done it a million times, but I always start back.
6. Be more content (Stop trying to hard and relax)
7. Dream more (Dreaming helps one to realize their reality)

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:
1. Eyes
2. Confidence
3. Humility
4. Honesty
5. BIG (height, weight and other things *LOL* brown skin, 6'2, 220...mmm mmm)
6. Dredlocks
7. Bald heads

7 Things That I Say Most Often:
1. What?!?
2. For real?
3. Jerk!
4. Oh Shit!
5. Seriously? Get Out!
6. Uh uh.
7. Oh wells!

7 Celebrity Crushes :
1. Gerald Levert (He is my idea of near perfection)

2. Wentworth Miller (I thought he was gay until I saw him on Prison Break)

3. Terrence Howard

4. Ciara (so what! I'm a perv *LOL*)

5. Jaheim (I don't usually like thugs, but it's something about him that gets me. Go figure)

6. Donell Jones (I love a Caribbean man with dimples and a nice set of soup coolers)

7. Lauryn Hill (still love her, she's a pretty chocolate sista)

7 People I Want To Do This (Don't know if they've done it before, but I thought I'd give it a shot) :
1. Ramblings of a Desperate Housewife (http://tademy.blogspot.com/)
2. Sarcasm in in a Bottle(http://sarcasminabottle.com/)
3. Jersey
Goddess http://jerseygoddess.blogspot.com/
4. Sex Kitten http://sexwriter.typepad.com/
5. Chicalookate http://chicalookate.tblog.com/

Well, that's all folks...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm Back

You all like me...I mean you really really like me. LOL Thanks for the emails and concern. Yep, I've been gone long enough. School and work have been busting my ass. But I can't stay away for too long. Today I went shopping. I'm a techie freak and any new electronic game or gadet, I have to get my hands on it. Today I bought the Vugo.

Hasbro's VuGo is a portable multimedia system with 128MB of memory that allows tweens to load it up with 60 minutes of television programming and music videos, 6 hours of music, or over 1,200 digital photos, for "viewing on the go". And if 128MB is not enough (and when is 128MB ever enough?) the memory can be expanded with an SD card. The VuGo can be connected to a television, DVD player, satellite receiver, or computer to record media, which can then be played back on its 3-inch color screen and built-in speaker. The VuGo website is currently offering downloadable music videos and cartoons such as Jimmy Neutron, and Sponge Bob Square Pants for purchase. It also comes with a pop-out stand for "hands-free entertainment" and file management software. It runs on four AAA batteries.

And NOOOO it's not for my son. It's for MOI! Finally, I can catch Desperate House Wives on another night other than Sunday as I am not a VRC or Sunday night TV watcher.

In other news....nothing's really new. I'm one of those people that don't celebrate any holidays whatsoever. I'm not a religious freak either. It was a part of my upbringing. I mean, how do you start celebrating Christmas at 21 years old? So when I got grown, I decided that I wouldn't get into it. If you never had it, then you don't miss it. However, I do except gifts *SMILEZ* Like I said, school and work...work and school. I just hope I have some friends left when I finish this up as I know they probably think I ran them away. At any rate, all is good in this 'hood.



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