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Monday, October 24, 2005

Stolen Identity

Well it happened. I guess it was bound to happen. Somebody stole my identity. Some one anonymously tipped me off. This is the first time this has happened. Well not really the first time, but it is the first time it happened the way it did. The the very first time was when somebody stole my artwork from online. I did a self portrait and somebody stole it, erased my name and used it as their own. They even claimed they drew it and that it was them in the art. Yeah right! I went through holy hell to get their Yahoo account deleted and have them reprimanded.

This time was different. I mean way, way different. Ok so back in 2000 I entered a "Ms. Sexy Thick Girl" contest and I won. I won $1,000, a tiara and the 2000 title. My bio and photos were published in a magazine and could be viewed on the web. The photos were great. They did my hair and makeup. I looked fabulous. One of the pictures featured me with an off the shoulder numbers on. Anyway, some fool decided to steal the photos from the website and use them on some adult website. The site featured my photos as the main photos with a "click here" to see more. When you click the link, naked ass and boobs galore! In BOLD CAPS, "AMERICA'S HOTTEST BLACK FREAKS". It looked like it could be my ass and tits, but it wasn't! Oh no, I couldn't have this. I sent about 10 abuse complaints. After about two weeks I received an e-mail stating:

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to determine the truth or falsity of the statements or ownership of the photos. We can certainly sympathize with your position and wish to take appropriate action. Furthermore, we do have a simple procedure to deal with this issue.

Please send a legible copy of your photo identification to our office along with a signed statement claiming you are the individual posted and would like the material removed.

Ok so ain't this about a bitch. Now I have to try to prove who I am. So I fax in a copy of my driver's license (DOB, Lic#, street address blocked out). A week later, I receive another e-mail. This time, it says:

We have received your fax regarding your photos being used without your permission, however I am not able to clearly identify you via the photo identification that you sent to our office as it came through too dark. Please refax this information, the best way is to make a lightened copy of your license, then fax it that way.

Ok, so at this point I am getting really pissed. There is no phone number listed for the IP host. So, I decide to try it again, I send a scanned, color copy of my credentials (everything but my photo blocked out). This makes about 12th letter in three weeks. The letter says:

Yesterday, I re-faxed a lighter, clearer, color scanned copy of my photo ID as requested. As of today, the imposter still exists. In an attempt to speed this up, I am attaching a scanned copy of my photo ID along with my October 13th and 17th letters. I have been trying to resolve this for nearly three weeks and still - no results. This is a serious matter as this impersonator has been perpetrating the fraud for over a month. What is further sickening is that my very innocent photos have been altered and are being used for a site of an adult nature, while you sit back and do nothing.

How ironic that it is so easy for this person to imitate me but it is proving difficult for me to defend who I am? All I ask is that the photos be removed as I do not wish to be associated with such filth. Surely, I want to avoid getting my legal counsel involved. Please advise.

Two more days pass, and you guessed it, no response. Then all of a sudden, I had the perfect solution. I guess I was thinking about the Woody Wood Pecker episode when the announcer repeatedly says, "If Woody would've gone to the police, this would never have happened." I made a print screen of everything and called my local police station.The detective asked me a couple of questions over the phone and then asked me if I wanted a car dispatched to my place. I said sure.

Two detectives showed up 20 minutes later. I have to admit, I felt a little guilty having them use their time for this situation when there was probably somebody out there who really needed emergency assistance. Anyway, they took my basic information and I told them everything. I showed them the printed materials. One of the detectives asked me if I had any idea who or why my photos had been stolen. Of course I didn't know. The other detective kept saying, "Wow, these are some nice photos". Anyway when it was all said and done, the report was filed and the IP company was set to be subpoenaed. I had legal counsel in place. But, two days later, I get a call from one of the detectives and he tells me, the matter has been resolved. He went on to say how much the web hosting businesses fear law enforcement, courts and any legal dealings. So, the company agreed to immediately remove the content and the user.

Ok so that's the story, finally I saw some results. I'm still going to press charges against the culprit. Ultimately, I have to give it up for 5-0, the PohPoh, OooeeeEeeoooeeeEee, the Cops, the "Men in Blue" and whatever else they are called. By filing a criminal police report, I saw results. They don't just eat donuts, racial profile and beat up on innocent law abiding citizens. I have a new found respect for them. They actually helped me.

Friday, October 21, 2005


I thought taking a month off from school was a wonderful idea. Since I take accelerated classes online, I had been going nonstop for nearly three years. I have to take this big exam in November so in order to prepare for it, I would use the time to study. Well, it's almost the end of October and I haven't even looked in a book at all. I went crazy with it. At first, I had so much free time that I didn't know what to do. Then I easily started finding things to do. Watch TV, play games online, talk on the phone, shop, play the Playstation with my kid, cook, chit chat at work, sleep in late/go to bed early, hang out with friends, date! Yes date. LOL

Even though my time off didn't go as planned, I discovered that there is a whole new world out there when you don't have to stay glued to a computer keyboard or have your head stuck in a book studying. I really don't remember it being like this when I got my first undergrad degree. Anyway, I can't wait to graduate...and then it's off to grad school...and then it all starts again.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Ass

With the season changing, I've begin the process of changing my wardrobe. This morning, I put on a really fabulous black pants suit. The pants are wide legged with a zipper on the side. I chose to wear it because it matched perfectly with my peach shell. My heels were a darker shade of peach. I needed to get at least one more wear out of them before the weather really changed. Everything was perfect. I looked so cute with my hair done up and my makeup perfectly applied. I had the walk, the look, the whole nine! I looked so fabulous yet professional. The compliments were pouring in. After prancing around all morning, I finally got a chance to sit down and those bad boys ripped right down the side. I couldn't even hide it. I had to take off the suit's jacket and tie it around my waist. I looked like damn fool. I had to leave, so I went home.

Ok so maybe I've gained a few pounds since I last wore that suit. Maybe my ass did get bigger. But, my curves are banging! I guess I better get some bigger pants!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I have by no means abandoned this blog. I have just been busy. Busy and a bit frustrated. Having a child with a disability can be overwhelming. Everything looks normal on the outside, but something is wrong and you just can't put your finger on it. I was in denial for many years. I struggled but then finally came to terms with it. Yes, eventually I came around. I sought help for my child and I got it. I was an advocate. It was hard but all of my hard work paid off. That was when he was little, now he is older and as he enters his teenage years, a whole new set of issues are arising. I'm dealing with them, but in the process where does this leave me the parent? Drained. I'll write more about this later.

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