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    Monday, August 08, 2005

    The Weekend

    I have a 20 page paper due by the end of the day! I have only completed about half of it. I was thinking about taking the day off from work just to get the paper completed. Usually I am so focused when it comes to my school work. But, this weekend was hectic. First, I have to say, I chickened out and cancelled on Laundry Dude. I don't know I just went with my first instincts and decided to not go. I called him and told him something else came up and that I wanted to take a rain check. He sounded a little disappointed but otherwise he said he understood. Now I am no big huge fan of horoscopes...but mines said:

    8/3 - Relationships, like cars, need regular and careful maintenance. Get a tune-up!

    8/6 - Make beautiful music together even if you're out of practice. Tune up.
    8/7 - You must be present to win. So if it's important to you, make sure you show up.

    LOL! This is just screaming tune-up...anyway. I didn't show up so I guess I didn't win. There's still time, maybe...I hope anyways.

    Well Friday, I was supposed to hang out with the girls. Only thing is...only one of the girls showed up. Which was cool, this was one of my favorite girls. She and I met up at this little jazz restaurant that we love so much. We were supposed to be just meeting for drinks and chit chat, but when I got there I realized that I hadn't eaten all day so I was starving. I ended up eating a yummy New Orleans style meal. YUMMY! We sat there and talked and drank and before we knew it, it was a little after eleven. New Orleans's style Hurricanes are no joke. Since neither one of us could drive at this point, we decided to sober up by hitting a comedy club which was conveniently located right across the street. What a blast!

    On the drive home, my cell phone rings. It is damn near 3am. Who could it be? Well my cell didn't actually ring a normal ring; I have different ringers for different people. It rang to the tune of Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor". Damn I knew exactly who it was...Dred Head. See if it would have been anyone else calling me at that time of night/morning I would have been pissed. But Dred knows that I am a night owl and he knows that's really the best time to catch me wide awake. So he calls and asks me if we can hang out on Saturday in addition to Sunday. And I say ok.

    Saturday morning: Bell rings at 10 am. Now I don't answer the door for people who just decided to show up. So I ignore it. Then the phone rings. It's Dred...saying, "let me in". WTF? I had to put him in his place. NEGRO PLEASE! You just don't show up unannounced. What a fool!!! To be continued...


    At 8/08/2005 4:38 PM, Blogger Naughty Love said...

    Wow, that's a full weekend by the sound of it. Can't wait to hear the rest.


    At 8/08/2005 7:38 PM, Blogger The Nappyheaded Pensieve said...

    lol! Dread thought he could just slide right on back in where yall left off. Good job checking him! ;)


    At 8/08/2005 11:36 PM, Blogger Don Tate II said...

    Oh, I cant believe you do a brotha like that!...


    At 8/09/2005 12:36 AM, Blogger Myrah said...

    Did you open the door?? People just don't understand how we do it in Jersey. YOU DO NOT JUST SHOW THE HELL UP! When I go to relatives house down south it's like Grand Central Station. People just show up, come in and EAT!! Drives me nuts when I visit! I must be ready to receive guest! Make an appointment!!


    At 8/09/2005 9:28 AM, Blogger Luke Cage said...

    Miss Jersey Diva... well, where's the second part luv????


    At 8/09/2005 1:13 PM, Blogger Chicalookate said...

    I have had people do that ... it is really aggrevating. The thing is my car is in plain view and they keep knocking until I answer! I am not my best when woken from a deep sleep. Makes me grumpy.


    At 8/11/2005 8:42 PM, Blogger NjDivaGirl said...

    Yeah, it started off crazy, but it ended in fun *wink*!
    Don, yep...give them and inch and they want a mile.
    Myrah...gotta give you a ^5...I can't stand that and he knew it.
    Chicalookate, that used to happen to me all the time. Now I have a garage, it's easier to hide out.


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